6 Trick To Quickly Dry Kuteks Without Taking Much Time

Using angles can indeed make your hook look more beautiful. Today, many nail polish products that you can use easily at home. However, the Moment That Makes You Slightly Seedling Using a Nail Polish is the Moment of Waiting for the Nail Cat to Dry. Sometimes, this makes you unable to complete other jobs. No, there's actually a way to dry nail polish quickly without wasting much time.

images 6 Trick To Quickly Dry Kuteks Without Taking Much Time

Tips For Quick Dry Nail Polish

1. Use a hair dryer
Using the Serving Salon Use a Hair Dryer as a Tool to Use Your Serving quickly. No, you can also do the same thing if you use nail polish at home to dry quickly.

images Use a hair dryer

However, keep in mind yes, set hairdryers issued issued beats Cold, not hot. If you use a rather warm temperature, use what you normally use to dry your hair, as a result nail polish will be difficult to blend.

Perthama-Tama, you must first nail polish on one hand. Then, dry it using a hair dryer. Then, you can re-paint the nail on the other finger and dry it again.

2. Wearing clothes that dry top quickly
The upper coat is a protective cover or polish to last longer. No luck, the best of all, was the topcoat afterwards.

images Wearing clothes that dry top quickly

Usually, you can buy on the beauty product websites and labels needed to answer your questions. No, rural monuments request Drying, Top Coat and Preventing your Nail Polish Case from Defects.

3. Dip into cold water
How do these tips actually require more effort using nail polish, of course it doesn't hurt to try, right?

Before painting your nails, cold bowls and tap water. If it's lacking, you can add 1-2 stones and place a bowl close to you.

images Dip into cold water

After Successfully Painting Your Nails, Wait Up To 2 Minutes Then Insert Your Fingers In The Bowl Earlier For 5 Minutes. Digital water will be sent to you.

4. Baby oil
Choose a member to buy baby oil and buy it to buy it. Not Only Baby Oil, You Can Also Use Olive Oil To Help This Process.

images Baby oil

This is a menu item used by your Use and Bottles. This is a menu item used by You Use and Scary.
After Finishing Paint Your Nails, Test 1-2 Tests for Nails
Wait for 1-2 minutes.
If you can already see your Fall hook beads, clean the oil with thousands of papers. Usually, this method is very effective, especially on nails that are not too dense.

5. Teepee tepee Use Kutek
Another Alternative So that your nail polish dries quickly not too thick. Try to smear the fall angle of your hook thinly. After Drying, Then You Can Paint A New Layer Above It.

images Teepee tepee Use Kutek

Select the option to send a message or send a message.

6. Use droplets to dry
Different from Dropping Drop Outerwear to Speed ​​Up the Process by Drying Your Nail Polish Case. Oil-Based, This Liquid Blends With Your Nail Cuticles. Keep in mind that the drying drop only dries the upper case.

images Use droplets to dry

Therefore, it takes about 2-3 minutes to really make sure your cat is completely dry.

Overall, an angle can be displayed with a complete Require code which contains hash codes and Very instant codes. Therefore, for better results, try to keep waiting for a few minutes for your cat to dry completely.


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