Mistakes of Buying Cosmetics That Are Often Needed

All women would want to look beautiful. In addition to healthy skin condoms, polish your face with lipstick, stupid, eyeliner, tent cosmetics during the day. Unfortunately, there are still many women who often make the mistake of buying cosmetic seeds. Is it soot?

images Mistakes of Buying Cosmetics That Are Often Needed

Mistakes of buying cosmetics that are often done
Public interest in cosmetics is increasing, especially in women and adolescents. Unfortunately, there are still many women and young people who make mistakes in compiling memila and buying cosmetics.

Instead of Making Them More Beautiful, A Careless Attitude Can Cause Various Problems Later. Starting from products that are redundant because of unused, skin and allergic damage.

Here are the various mistakes that cause you to buy inappropriate beauty products.

1. Do not understand the skin condition sentiri
Everyone has a different skin condition. There are normal, combination, oily, dry, and sensitive. No, before your white cosmetics, first identify your skin type. Do not let you choose the wrong product. More dangerous, more dangerous and dangerous.

images Do not understand the skin condition sentiri

The following guidelines for improving skin type, repair You do not need to buy cosmetic seed products:

  • Ordinary cold. Does not cause severe sensitive and pores are not very visible.
  • Combination Skin. The skin can be dry, normal, oily days in certain areas.
  • Dry skin. Facial lines are visible, skin is often chapped, and sometimes red spots appear.
  • Oily skin. The skin looks shiny, dull, large pores, and there are pimples or blackheads.
  • Cool sensitivity. The skin causes reactions, heat, days if exposed to dust, dirt, or certain substances.

2. White products without finding out the content
The mistake of buying beauty products that is often done next is to choose a product without finding out its inventory.

images White products without finding out the content

You need to know some substances that can cause allergies that can cause allergies, namely:

  • bithionol
  • chlorofluorocarbons hydrocarbon fuels
  • chloroform
  • Halogenated salicylanilide and tetrachlorosalicylylide
  • methylene chloride
  • vinyl chloride
  • Complex containing zirconium
  • If you see the backup on a product, undo your intention to buy and find another safer product.

3. Buy online at a place that is not trusted
The use of mahjong technology today, cosmetics that are subject to the second poses of clothes that are seen online. This shows that many people are interested in buying beauty products online.

images Buy online at a place that is not trusted

Sugar Cosmetics Online, No. In fact, no calf has a place to buy beauty products that can be a mistake.

If you want, click the button and click Next.

If you don't spend for cosmetics online, just buy them online. However, pasticana if the original product and the place to sell it is trusted in the south.

4. I give anger to white products
Mistake buying cosmetics This one is very often needed by many people. Most of the products being sold are in large quantities. For example, buy a discounted piece

images I give anger to white products

No, if you want to try cosmetic products, try choosing a product that is smaller in size, such as the size of rice or sharing it in a jar. The goal, if the product is not suitable, you are not too disappointed because you need more affordable than you buy a large size.

5. Lazy to try the product tester
When visiting a cosmetics shop, usually certain products provide products that you can try. Meat Rarely Occurs, Some People Sometimes Are Reluctant to Try It. In fact, this could be the right way to do the product.

images Lazy to try the product tester

The tester provides you with the opportunity to ask whether the color, texture, or construction of the product is what you want or not. If it's not what you want, you can replace it with another better product. That way, you can avoid mistakes when buying cosmetics.

Apart from buying telite seeds, this is also a concern
After knowing the mistakes that often occur when buying cosmetics, you can now be even more vigilant.

But remember, there are still other ways you need to do to ensure that your white beauty products are right or not.

Pastiche in advance whether your skin really matches the product. Compared to the slow, try the whole skin or certain skin parts, try a small amount first.

Allergic reactions can appear within a few hours, or even after you use them the third and fourth time. So, some argue not to use new products together.

The signs if the product does not fit with your skin, usually will cause problems after use, for example, the skin becomes drier or appears acne. Allergy sufferers recommend that the skin will cause a burning sensation, itching, or rash after the product is used.


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