5 Choices of How to Eliminate Mustache and Safely and Effect for Women

Not Only Men Who Have Hair Above Lips. Women full of Floats. But unlike men, women's mustaches look thinner and thinner. Women opposed to find it very attractive appearance. So not many women look for 1001 to get rid of a mustache in recovery.

How to get rid of a woman's mustache that is safe and effective
Eliminating a mustache in women is in principle the same as men. However, women need to be more careful because the mustache is more difficult.

Here are various ways you can try at home:

1. Use pisauaved
Shaving is the easiest and most affordable way to get rid of hair on the upper lip. You can use an ordinary knife or an electric one.

Before Shaving Mustache, Wet the Skin First Using Soap or Shaving Crimea. Don't forget to use a knife before using it. Don't use a knife and it's blunt or rusty.

After applying the mustache with Crimea area, shave the hair growth direction. Yangan by Rubbing, But Drag the Plate Then Lift Then Repeat From the Direction of Growing Hair.

You down so that the quantitygen skin. This will make the process and results of the full shaving clean later.

2. Apply Crimean hair removal
Products from Crimean Hair Removal are products used for sensitive facial skin, including the upper lip.

Crimea is a very powerful solution and is able to break the protein bonds in hung hair. Quickly, Hair in the Area above the Lips Becomes Easily Fall.

Apply Crimea to the skin of the upper lip in accordance with the petunia of use. Then, leave it for a few minutes and rinse afterwards.

Using Crimea Becomes A Way To Get Rid Of Mustache In Women That Easily From Its Effect Is Not Long. Because, Crimea does not pull hungga hair to the root so it can easily grow back.

For men who are allergic to Dahu. Apply this Crimea to other skin areas before applying it to the upper lip area.

3. Pull out with a pin
Use southern pinet to be an effective way to get rid of a mustache in women.

Tweezers Are Small Clamps for Pulling Fine Hair That Grows by Skin and is Hard to Eradicate for Razors. By Using Tweezers, Hair Will Be Pulled To The Root.

This method is suitable for removing hair in areas that are not too broad.

Before Pulling Mustache, Clean Skin First. Then, use clean tweezers to pull the strands of hair to the upper lip by:

Hold the skin by pulling the upper lip down
Pinch hair with tweezers and pull in the direction of hair growth
Rinse skin district whose hair is pulled out with cold water
4. Electrolysis
Electrolysis is a way to get rid of a woman's mustache by using an electric current. This method is done by using a small needle in folkloric hair to crush and hair with the help of an electric current.

This damage helps prevent hair to grow back. Therefore, the procedure must be corrected for those of you who want to get rid of permanent hair.

Electrolysis is suitable for use in sensitive areas of the skin such as the upper lip. Usually Treatment Needs To Be Repeated For Several Times To Really Missing Hair.

5. Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal to remove hair. During this procedure, the doctor will use a laser light concentrated in the case follicle to destroy the hair.

Laser hair removal requires a permanent method but can last for several months. Usually you take 2-6 treatments to get rid of a mustache. Shepherds perform this procedure in clinics with trusted therapists to avoid the risk of skin damage.


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