5 Tips for Using Make Up for Those with Dry Face Skin

For people who have dry skin types, sometimes the wrong type or the wrong way to use makeup can make the results of makeup does not last long. In addition, a problem that often arises and the emergence of the use of compilation is crack. Makeup will look rare because of dry skin, barracks, peeling days. Come on, follow these tips on using the correct make for dry skin to last a long day!

images 5 Tips for Using Make Up for Those with Dry Face Skin

Use make up tips for those with dry facial skin

1. Must use moisturizer first
Moisturizer Is One Skin Care That Must Be Used Before Wearing Makeup. Dry facial skin cannot produce enough natural oil for softening skin. So, moisturizer is needed to help moisturize the skin.

According to Elisabeth Tanzi, MD, PhD Doctor of the Cosmetics Sector Cool Washington, D.C. Which is liquid but cannot replace the function of a facial moisturizer to hydrate the skin.

images Must use moisturizer first

Choose moisturizer for dry skin with a somewhat criminal texture. As long as it is moisturized, you in the south can use a serum containing hyaluronic acid to increase skin moisture. Serum with the content of the South changes the skin does not exfoliate.

Moisturized skin is a message from durable and long lasting on the face.

2. Crim or liquid-based makeup looks
For people whose skin is dry must choose the type to make a textured liquid (liquid) or crimea (cream). Enthuson background wrap, blush, peach blouse, bronze, eye shadow are hung

Look for products that are specifically made for dry skin tips. Usually it is a product for dry skin.

images Crim or liquid-based makeup looks

If you want to use powder in addition to the foundation, you can use BB cream (balem blam or beauty balm). BB Cream Is Not Just Just Evenness Of Skin Color, But Southern Moisturizers Contain Good For Dry Skin, Like Hyaluronate Acid Day Vitamin B.

3. Use foam to daub the Foundation
It is better for women to use fingers to daub digi foundation. With Dear Ways to Use You can make people die. Jerry Cracking Is Vulnerable to Making Cracking.

To Avoid This, Use Foam (sponge) to Blend and Apply All Kinds of Liquid Makeup. Wet the sponge first with air-agar expands, then squeeze the excess water.

images Use foam to daub the Foundation

Members include England, Wayne Goss and you, who founded the company. After that, use moist mushroom makeup to spread it all over the face.

Use Foam With Bouncing Movement, Which Is Rubbed Or Pressed, The Product So It Can Be Well Absorbed On Dry Skin.

4. Do not Have to Use stupid
Boston, Dana Chasen, Quoted From WebMD, Orange and Orange are used as wallpapers to choose Use Fool After Dyeing. Make-up Make It Will Not Last Long Crack Use of Fool on Dry Skin Can Be Risky.

images Do not Have to Use stupid

But if your skin type tends to be shiny in the T zone (there, nose, and chin), you can polish a little powder in that area. If the face is not oily hacking itself, then it will not be fooled.

5. Routine Facial Exfoliation
Sometimes dry skin will start to peel off a few hours after wearing makeup. This May Be Caused Due To The Stacking Of Mother's Skin.

images Routine Facial Exfoliation

To Overcome This, You Can Do Face Peeling Using Soft Peeling.

According to Dr. Tanzi, people with dry skin type must exfoliate to get rid of the mother's skin. After exfoliating, you are also advised to moisturize the skin with a moisturizer whose texture is liquid.


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