Can we wear masks when I'm on acne?

Having a face that is pimpled and then become an obstacle to the mask. In fact, many people believe in masks, acne can dry out more quickly and deflate. Deduction masks include one type of mask that is often used with the aim that pus that fester can be lifted. But wait, you can not carelessly you know wearing a mask when removing spotty. Next I explain the reason.

Wear undercover when jeiravatan
Peel off mask is a type of mask that is removed after use because it sticks to the skin. That is, take the mask and let the air roll. You exfoliate after use.

When the mask is peeled off, the top skin layer (stratum corneum) will usually be lifted. That way, the layer of mother's skin and lifted so that younger skin can be taken. This is what makes the picat mask peel off with other types of masks that are similar to sheet masks.

This method is certainly no problem if done on skin that is in good condition. However, on acne prone skin it is not recommended to cut.

When acne is inflamed, you can't do half that can make inflammation worse. I, Wear a Mask, remove when spotty can worsen inflammation. Especially if it is done with the aim that pustules and pustules can be raised.

Instead of pus coming out, the skin can even be infected onion day. This can be fixed. How to deal with pockmarked zits. Therefore, try to use a peel mask and use special medicines that suit the current conditions.

When should you use an exit mask?
Avoided shell masks used for comedonal species acne. When you have lots of blackheads on your face, an attractive mask can be an option that can help remove membrane blackheads. In addition, the mother's skin cells are full to be lifted thus preventing blockages in the pore and making blackheads bars.

As mentioned earlier, it is not advisable to wear an inflamed or spotty skin mask. This is a translation of Using a Mask and Using Crimea.

If the facial skin is inflamed, the right step is to reduce the inflammation first. You can apply aloe vera gel or compress your face with cold water to soothe it.

The type of mask that is suitable for use when acne
So, what masks, while those suitable for acne breakouts? This Question May Be Things That Are Still Unanswered in Your Mind.

My Suggestion, If Acne Is Not Inflamed Or Comedonal Species, Use Masks That Contain Aha And Bha. Both of these active ingredients are very good to help reduce blackheads that cause acne.

Besides AHA Day BHA, South You Can Use A Mask Made From Tea Tree. Tea trees have the potential to be mild antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.

Not only that, activated carbon or activated charcoal can also be a good mask choice when having acne. The reason is, this material is able to absorb dirt and skin pores so the skin becomes clean.

From now on, take off wearing a mask when it's spotty. If you want to use a mask, wear a mask or leaf shaped mask.


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