How many cream baths are allowed in a month?

Going to the salon for hair cream is something to look forward to when you're done with your activities. It's delicious, you also do not need to bother going too far because the salon near home once fell full of this one hair care service. However, do you have to creambath the hair often? Every day, once a week, or sometimes once?

What is Hair Cream?
Creambath is a treatment for washing hair and scalp using a special cream.

Crimea for creambath is made specifically from a mixture. Each Crimea has different reserves, so the benefits are different for treating and fixing your hair problems.

Crimea with avocado oil content, for example, is useful for changing hair moisture, cleaning the scalp, preventing damaged hair and making hair shine more radiant.

While Crimea with the content of olive oil, aloe vera, to bananas, papaya, and honey can thicken and strengthen the hair shaft so it is not easily branched.

What does hair cream offer?
After making a cream bath appointment, Kapsalon will first bring your hair clean. Then it will start applying crimea to your hair mascara.

Meanwhile, the capster will gently tip your head to help launch prevention on the head. After being turned on, your hair is then vaporized for a few minutes. Evaporation Machines Can Be Used By Wrapping Hair With A Warm Towel.

After steaming, the capster will again wash your hair and dry it. He Might Also Need Hair Vitamins So That Your Hair Is Healthier. The Final Result, Your Hair Will Be More Fragrant, Smooth, Soft, and Shiny Than Before.

Am I fed up with the frequent creambath hair?
Creambath is a hair care method that only exists in Indonesia. It needs to be considered until now and medical studies that often invite whales are allowed to creambath.

Creambath is basically almost like shampooing. In general, everyone's needs to wash their hair and vary depending on the type and texture of hair, hair clips, individual scalp conditions.

For example valuing your hair tends to curly, barracks, dry days, you just wash your hair 3 times a week. Meanwhile, if your hair is straight, thick, and oily and you can shampoo every day. For those who have mountain hair bands, you are advised to wash your hair three times a week.

No, every time you wash your hair above, including cream bath. You can shampoo using shampoo twice at home and cream bath once a week per week salon. For those who have straight hair interested, you may schedule shampoo and alternating creambath. For example, ceramics every 2 days interspersed with cream bath for 3 days a week.

But if your hair is very damaged, you can choose to cream up to 2 days regardless of what type and texture of the hair. Likewise if work or daily activities make you sweat often and hair gets dirty easily, you may need to wash more often later.

Hair should not be evaporated too often
One more thing you need to consider when conquering creambath is the evaporation process. The process of evaporation to open the pores of the scalp of nutrients from crime can be carried out perfectly inward. Evaporating hair can help moisturize and manage hair.

Even so, too often evaporating the used hair from the machine will make the hair slowly decreases due to heat considerations. Then lend hair using a high temperature machine.

Monae Everett, United States make-up artist and make-up artist Said that the hair evaporation is ideally done every two weeks with a duration of 20-20 minutes.

You can also creambath sentiri at home. Currently there are many creambath products sold in stores or supermarkets. So, creambath sentiri at home can be the right choice to fill your spare time while caring for your hair.


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