Is It Safe To Form Cheek Reading With Operas (Embroidered Reading Cheek)?

Cheek reading is often considered a facial feature that adds to its attractiveness. Unfortunately, not everyone is born blessed with cheek reading. Maybe it's also quite a lot of people who are tempted to surgery that is modified to read cheek alias cheek embroidery so that it looks more attractive. However, how to overcome this safe procedure?

What is Pee Reading?
Reading pee is a curve that compiles someone's cheek smiling. Often read under pepe near the lips.

Everybody is born reading cheeks. Reading is formed naturally due to the middle layer of the skin. Another cause of the appearance of cheek reading may be cedar.

Reading pee is often considered a beautiful facial feature. Beyond Aesthetics, read the cheeks that are considered to bring luck at several world associations.

Because of this, the number of operations or embroidery demand for piping has increased dramatically in recent years.

How to do embroidery or urinating reading surgery?
Cheek reading operations, as dimples are called, can be performed in hospitals or beauty clinics. This operation includes minor outpatient plastic surgery. You can slow down and complete this procedure without the need for hospitalization.

You Might Not Pearl South Until Totally Anesthetized for sharing urinary reading operations. A specialist influencing beauty first applies a local anesthetic such as lidocaine to the skin area around the cheeks. It takes 10 minutes for the anesthetic effect to work.

Then the doctor is a tool that allows you to open a pipeline manually. You as a manual read the prefix. Thereafter the Doctor and Squeeze a Little and Fat on the Cheek to Create a More Natural and Symmetrical Curvature. The depth of the hollowing hole is approximately 2-3 millimeters.

After finishing making room to read cheeks, then doctor and start from one side of the cheek to the other side. This last stitch and bound to establish a permanent pee reading position.

You can go home late afterwards.

How long is the recovery time?

Recovery is an opera that contains settings for the Old and Easy relatives.

The side of the face that is embroidered is possible and slightly swollen after the operation. However, you can attach the cold to deflate the swelling of the compress. Usually Swelling Will Miss Sentiri In The Next Days.

The doctor said it was possible and scheduled a session a few weeks after the operation to receive the results.

Are there any risks or complications from urinary reading operations?
The risks and complexity of the operation of the affected physician are generally trusted. Possible Serious Risks Can Occur If You Do Cheek Reading in Any Salon or Clinic That Is Not an Expert.

Some risks or complications that may occur include:
  • I still use the operating system
  • Nerve damage
  • Redness and swelling
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • If you experience bleeding or discharge from the opera area, see a doctor immediately. This is likely a sign that you have an infection. The earlier it infects, the smaller it expels and spreads to the bloodstream which can cause further complications.


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