Not Cured, This Impact, If You Frequency, Acne Injection

Acne Problems Become a Common Complaint of Many People, Both Men and Women. One procedure for removing acne that is being loved is corticosteroid injections. How effective, what is the impact if you perfection to do acne injections?

Negative effects due to frequent injection of acne
Acne skin does make you annoyed. In addition to reducing self-confidence, acne often removes pain. Bilo You are desperate to find ways to get rid of pimples on the face, sun corticosteroids or acne injections can be an option.

Suntican Corticosteroid is known as South Intralesi Corticosteroid Injection. This injection is actually used to treat large lumps on the skin. Select this option to see a list of available options.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, cosmetic corticosteroids, curates for treating dermatitis if the skin is 48-72 sweet. Although incomplete, swollen pimples can shrink, pain and full redness can be reduced. I give you a week, acne will usually disappear.

The injection results may be satisfactory for large people with acne. However, that does not mean this procedure can be done at will. Damage to the skin.

This happens because of excess corticosteroids that enter the skin. Preferably, the area of ​​skin that is injected gets excessive pressure the skin looks like a hole (pockmarked). This condition can indeed be restored, but will be returned, seconds after 6 months.

Besides being pockmarked, the frequency of southern acne injections can cause changes in skin color, such as white spots (hypopigmentation). This is usually common in people with dark skin color. Like pockmarked, Spotting Will Also Fade Over Time.

The good thing is, what should I do if I get a zit injection?
You may only inject acne, it's just not too frequent. You need to know, corticosteroid injections can indeed help acne be more quickly removed.

Therefore, instead of cladding on acne injections, you take care of skin hygiene

Your doctor may be a modern medicine that contains isotretinoin used by you naturally.

In order not to cure, you certainly need to consider several things before deciding and injecting acne or not. Some things that might make you better because of acne, include:

Acne is inflamed for months and is difficult to remove
Acne is quite large, swollen, and injured
You have to open an important event that needs acne injections to make it look better
Then, you forget to delete it just for you to get a zit injection. Explain when you last did the injection before doing it again.

Definitely not good. This is a translation by You Need to Know the Rules for Overcoming Acne Skin.

Avoid Touching the Face With Hands. Besides squeezing, talking about your face with your hands that aren't necessarily clean can make acne worse.
Relieve pain from acne by using ice cubes. Wrap the stone with hila or a soft towel and then put on inflamed pimples. This Cold Temperature Can Help Reduce Pain While Swelling.


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